Keeping your home safe and secure, can seem like a daunting task, but the reality is that a safe home is within reach as long as you follow basic principles that will deter would be criminals and burglars. Like most things in life, consistency is the key and it’s critical that you use these tips repeatedly and ensure your family and staff are aware of them.

1. Keep your Window Shades down. Your home may be your castle and a treasure you’ve worked incredibly hard for, but that being said, you don’t want to advertise that to criminals on the prowl for a home to burgle. Secondly, by keeping shades down, you make it very difficult to ascertain if someone is home.

2. Lock it up! You upgrade your smartphone and your laptop, why not your locks? Aim to replace your locks every 18 months for exterior doors and gates, and most importantly always ensure you fit a locking solution that is certified Grade 1.

3. Landscaping A safe home is an organized home and the same applies to your garden, trim your hedges and shrubs and make sure you have full view of your street and garden. Criminals can use oversized bushes as an opportunity to pry open a window or a door or just to hide whilst they do reconnaissance.

4. Garage Whether it’s electric or manual, outside the house or inside, this is probably the most easy to access and view site of your property. Therefore, keep it clean and uncluttered, ensure all your valuable possessions are locked down with a chain and pad-lock. Lastly always make sure you keep your garage closed, it’s the ideal location for criminals to assess the contents of your house.

5. Don’t leave that ladder DIY and Home renovations can be great recreational activities and ways to improve your home. That being said, keep your tools, especially ladders out of sight, they are the ideal tools for criminals to use to gain access to your home.